E-commerce: Top 8 Best and Most Stylish Product Configurators of 2024

In this article, we present 8 outstanding companies that have successfully implemented product configurators in their operations, an insightful reference for those considering introducing a 3D configurator to their e-commerce platform.

Jun 19, 2024 Emil Poulsen

Key advantages

Product configurators have become an indispensable tool in the digital commerce world, offering a bridge between companies and consumers in the pursuit of customized solutions. With technological advancements, the ability to personalize products based on individual preferences has become a central feature of the online shopping experience.

This article provides an overview of the best and most stylish examples of product configurators used in e-commerce in 2024. We will explore how prominent companies implement these tools to enhance customer engagement, increase sales, and create a more personalized shopping experience.

What is a Product Configurator?

A product configurator is a digital tool that allows customers to customize products according to their preferences. Through a web or mobile app, customers can select different attributes such as color, size, and material, and see real-time updates on how their choices affect the final product and price. This technology creates a more engaging and personalized shopping experience, and for companies, it offers an opportunity to showcase their product catalog interactively.

The continuous development of product configurators has led to many companies successfully implementing them to meet the growing expectations of consumers. Let’s dive into some of the best and most stylish examples of product configurators used in e-commerce in 2024 in the next section.

Product Configurator Table

Example of a 3D configurator from Modelup

Examples of Successful Product Configurators

1. Halle System

Halle offers a sunroom configurator on their website where customers can explore different design options for sunrooms. Through the configurator, customers can choose between different types of sunrooms such as Single-pitch, Double-pitch, Freestanding 15 m², and Freestanding 24 m².

This tool helps customers get a better understanding of how the finished sunroom will look and allows them to experiment with different design options before making a purchase decision. This makes the buying process more interactive and helps halle.se improve the customer experience by offering personalized design options.

  • Industry: Manufacturing and sale of sunrooms and glass enclosures
  • Type of configurator: Sunroom configurator
  • Problem solved: Allows customers to visualize and customize sunroom designs before purchase.

Example of configurator from Halle Example of a 3D product configurator from halle.se where user-friendliness played a central role. The price is automatically calculated when the customer makes changes, and quotes are generated automatically.

2. Adventure Wagon

Adventure Wagon uses a visual product configurator that allows customers to design a camper van according to their unique needs and preferences. The program offers a variety of customization options, including bed size, layout, storage configurations, and options to add a sink, stove, or refrigerator. Customers can also choose from different finishes and materials to personalize the look of their conversion kit.

  • Industry: Van and camper construction
  • Type of configurator: Visual product configurator
  • Problem solved: Create a customized van build

3. Brilliant Earth

Brilliant Earth specializes in ethically sourced engagement rings and gemstones and has launched a product configurator that allows customers to design their own engagement rings. Customers can choose from different diamond shapes, diamond quality, and settings, as well as explore the diamond’s origin to select a ring that meets their personal environmental and ethical standards. The configurator lets customers see their ring design in 3D and adjust the diamond and setting.

  • Industry: Jewelry
  • Type of configurator: Visual product configurator
  • Problem solved: Offer a personalized shopping experience to customize an engagement ring

4. Converse

Converse offers a visual product configurator called “Converse by You,” which allows customers to design their shoes by choosing from different colors, patterns, and materials. They also offer the option to add personal text to the shoe design. This customization process enhances the customer experience and allows them to express their individuality, while differentiating Converse from other shoe brands by offering unique, one-of-a-kind products.

  • Industry: Shoes
  • Type of configurator: Visual product configurator
  • Problem solved: Design and personalize your shoe to create a unique product

5. IKEA Kitchen Planner

IKEA’s kitchen planner is an online tool that allows users to plan and visualize their dream kitchen. Users can easily try out different ideas and see them come to life quickly without having to download any software.

The kitchen planner offers a variety of customization options to design kitchens with different colors, materials, and configurations for furniture such as sofas, kitchen cabinets, and wardrobes. The 3D visualization provided by the tool accurately represents the final product, allowing customers to make informed decisions and ensure that their custom choices align with their vision for their space.

  • Industry: Furniture and Interior Design
  • Type of configurator: 3D product configurator
  • Problem solved: Allows customization and visualization of furniture and kitchen layouts before purchase

6. BMW

BMW offers a luxury car configurator that goes beyond traditional car configurators by incorporating Augmented Reality (AR) technology. Customers can explore and customize BMW vehicles in a fully immersive environment and then view the result in its original size as an augmented reality model.

The ability to change colors, trims, and interior options in real-time creates an engaging and memorable experience for car enthusiasts. The interactive nature of the AR experience allows users to see the smallest design details and experience the car as if they were behind the wheel, creating a stronger emotional connection to the brand and product.

  • Industry: Automotive
  • Type of configurator: 3D and Augmented Reality (AR) product configurator
  • Problem solved: Allows customers to customize and visualize cars in an immersive environment

7. Adidas

Adidas, a global leader in sportswear and athletic shoes, has enhanced customization with its innovative product configuration platform, Uniforms by Adidas. This 3D product configuration tool allows customers to design and personalize team uniforms, giving athletes and sports teams the opportunity to showcase their unique style and identity.

The Uniforms by Adidas platform offers a seamless and interactive customization process. Customers can access the configurator on the official website and start designing their team uniforms from scratch. The platform’s user-friendly interface guides users through the design process, ensuring a smooth and engaging experience.

  • Industry: Sportswear and Shoes
  • Type of configurator: 3D product configurator
  • Problem solved: Enables design and personalization of team uniforms

8. Lundia

Lundia, a leading Finnish manufacturer of high-quality modular shelving systems, has embraced the power of 3D product configuration to offer customers a truly personalized storage solution. With their interactive product configurator, powered by VividWorks, customers can design and customize their own shelving units based on their specific needs and preferences.

The Lundia 3D configurator provides an interactive platform where customers can build a custom piece of furniture by selecting the number of shelves, height, width, and type of material for their shelving units. Customers can also choose from different finishes and colors to match their existing decor or create a unique look for their space. The tool also provides real-time price updates, making it easier for customers to stay within their budget while building their dream storage solution.

  • Industry: Modular Shelving Systems
  • Type of configurator: 3D product configurator
  • Problem solved: Allows customers to design and customize shelving units according to their unique needs and preferences


In the digitized world of e-commerce, product configurators play a crucial role in creating a more interactive and personalized shopping experience. By taking a closer look at the eight prominent companies we have discussed, we can see how the implementation of product configurators enhances customer engagement and sales results. These tools allow customers to visualize and customize products according to their own preferences, while gaining a deeper understanding and appreciation for the products offered.

The key benefits of product configurators include:

  • Increased Customer Engagement: By offering customized solutions, product configurators engage customers on a deeper level.
  • Improved Customer Experience: Interactivity and visualization enhance the shopping experience and help customers make informed decisions.
  • Increased Sales: By meeting customers’ unique needs, product configurators can lead to higher conversion rates and increased sales.

For companies considering taking the step towards implementing or upgrading a product configurator, Modelup is a reliable partner that offers advanced 3D product configurators. Their solutions are designed to meet today’s e-commerce needs and create a more engaging customer experience.

We hope this overview has provided you with valuable insights into how product configurators can revolutionize the e-commerce world. We look forward to hearing from you and exploring the limitless possibilities that product configurators can offer in the digital commerce world.

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