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Embracing future e-commerce

With our product configurator you can easily display interactive 3D models of your products on your website or webshop. The bar is high for e-commerce retailers in 2024, and it's easy to fall behind. Want to know more about how a configurator can help you grow?

Enhance revenue through 3D customization

By offering your customers the ability to view and customize your products in 3D based on their preferences, you reach a larger audience. Studies show that conversion rates increase significantly when customers have a better understanding of the final product through 3D visualization.

Increase customer satisfaction

As your customers explore different options in the configurator, they're presented with 3D models to improve their comprehension of the product. This leads to a more customized and fulfilling buying experience, resulting in higher sales and fewer misconceptions.

Automate sales and production

Beyond 3D: Leverage the configurator to manage customer requests and personalizations, minimizing manual efforts. Additionally, the system generates item lists, PDF drawings, and CAD files for seamless production.

Gain customer insights

As customers engage with your configurator, they generate valuable data in the process. Which color and shape are most preferred? Analyzing this information can provide you with insights for both product development and marketing strategies, helping you tailor your offerings and campaigns.

Powerful models

If your configurator requires more than simple color modifications, Modelup's engine is up to the task. It can execute sophisticated logical calculations, such as figuring out beam sizing and locations. Incorporate all your design requirements into the configurator's framework.

Unlimited content for marketing campaigns

Effortlessly generate striking 3D visuals with our service for enhanced marketing. Boost engagement and captivate your audience, to increase sales.

Flexible pricing model

We provide adjustable pricing options for organizations of any size. Contact us to discuss your targets, and we'll put together a cost proposal tailored to your needs.

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